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About Us: Senior Editor and Site Co-Founder Al Lackner

Al Lackner
Al is kept busy updating the Player Rankings, the Draft Kit, answering emails, spitting out Annual/Weekly Player Projections, updating his blog, and providing content for the weekly Sit or Start page. He's also the NFL Salary Cap guru among other things.

Al is our resident expert on the salary cap and our statistical analysis guru given his Mathematics degree. The weekly Best Bets for Premium Members, Automated Lineup Recommendations, the Computer Generated Mock Draft, and the Power Rankings are among some of his ideas. He is a thoughtful writer who is not afraid to venture into uncharted waters.

Al has been interviewed and cited in numerous studies regarding Free Agency and the NFL Salary Cap. In fact, he was cited in the book Tailgating, Sacks, and Salary Caps: How the NFL Became the Most Successful Sports League in History by Mark Yost. Al has appeared on the Bob Haynie Show on WNST - AM 1570; The Jock with Tony Lombardi (Baltimore's WJFK - AM 1300); the Redskins Roundtable weekly show on 95.9 WGRQ; and the 930 The Fox (Jacksonville, FL) with Tom McManus. He has also been heard on several podcasts for Raidercast and He can answer questions about the NFL Salary cap, NFL Free Agency, and football in general. He has a vast knowledge of all teams and players as well as the history of the NFL.

In hopes of building a website that would improve upon the laughable and outdated material that was currently out there on the web and in magazines, he joined Bryan Hughes and Paul Baitinger in 1999 to form Ask The with the goal of creating something that would be a true Online Publication. His vision for the site has been to emphasize that there is more to fantasy football than to simply measure stats and report on trends. He hopes that the site reflects at least a small portion of his true love of the GAME of football itself.

In addition to responding to your emails, crunching numbers, and providing the usual weekly articles (Statistical Number Crunching and Power Rankings, etc.), a lot of the behind the scenes programming, he is the resident Capologist and is proud that Ask The is the best site out there that explains the NFL Salary Cap to the casual fan as well as the fanatic and provides an intensive FAQ on the matter.

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